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Bandhay Ek Dour Se Ep-21 Review: Maheen decides to leave Omar for good

GEO Entertainment’s Bandhay Ek Dour Se which happens to be a light heart romantic comedy is now turned into an intense and serious play. The best thing about the play is that the characters are so relatable with real life. Another good thing about this play is the positive message it is directly or indirectly conveying. Performances are on point, particularly performances by the supporting cast.

It seems that Maheen is making up her mind that she is not going to live like this forever, she will not accept Omar’s companionship which is not given to her in love but in pity. Secondly, she thinks that Omar is Roshini’s property and he belongs to her. Maheen thinking that by keeping Omar she is wronging both Omar and Roshini. To take such a huge step of leaving Omar forever she trying to gather courage for it.

One of the most interesting scenes is when Maheen asks her brother that if she comes back leaving her house what is going to be his reaction? Will, he accept her? Her brother’s reply is very positive he says that he wishes that this would never happen but if it does then he will consider it that if she has taken such a big step of leaving her home then there must be a big reason behind it because he knows that Maheen never does anything in haste. He tells her that he will welcome her and will support her.

Mansoor and her wife’s track is also going great and it is giving so many positive messages to the audience. Mansoor decides to face his fears bravely he decides that no matter what happens he will go for tests and he gives his wife the option that she can leave him if he has any deficiency but his wife says that she loves him and she will be with him in any case. Mansoor tests comes positive he has no issue like his wife but then we see his wife telling her mother-in-law to remarry Mansoor so that they can have children.

Maheen has made up her mind that she will leave Omar for good. She packs her stuff and tells him that she is leaving him and his house forever. Well, we see not a hint of embarrassment or shame in Omar, she used to be her best friend and cousin. At least she deserves some kind words but no Omar is so rude and arrogant. Omar’s family has no idea that Maheen is leaving the house. Well, I think by leaving Omar Maheen has done the good thing so far in these last 5-6 episodes. Thank God the story finally moves a bit!

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