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Bandish S2 Episode-11 Review: Maid brings black magic’s influence back into the house

The unknown maid is actually the agent of the necromancer.

ARY Digital drama serial Bandish 2 is down with 11 Episodes. This episode is full of spooky vibes. Performances are quite good. Sania Saeed, Zainab Qayyum, and Amna Iliyas are at their best in the series. In the previous episode, we have seen that the pious lady purifies Waniya and Hoorain and in fact the whole house from the spell of black magic. In this episode, we come to know that the unknown maid is actually the agent of the necromancer.

Rabail’s in-laws to be, have come to set her Wedding date. Farhana Chachi is very eager to set the nearest date, She wants to get Rabail married to her boss as soon as possible, and one wonders why Farhana wants her to marry him. Sameer through Armaan gets to know that Rabail has gotten her job with his reference and he feels hurt that his own sister has hidden this most important fact from him. Now he is resolute that he will not marry her off to Hasaam until and unless he does his proper investigation.

Rabail’s fiance Hasaam has some really serious psychiatric issues. He loses his senses when he sees the red color and it seems that Farhana Chachi knows about this fact and that is why she wants Rabail to marry him. In the scene where Rabail is wearing red when Hasaam’s family comes to see her for the very first time, Farhana Chachi insists she changes her dress giving us a hint that she knows everything about Hasaam and deliberately hiding his reality from Rabail and family.

The new strange maid in the house is actually the agent of the necromancer. Well, who trusts a newcomer maid that blindly that they left their minor daughter and whole house on her? It is such a foolish act from Sameer’s family that they left Hoorain and the whole house with her. The maid is planted to create menace, she once again polluted the purified house by planting amulets on all the corners of the house and once again the house is under the influence of black magic.

The effects of black magic practices are once again evident in the house and Minahil is the first who gets affected by black magic. She is under the spell, she faces which a normal person would say is sleep paralysis but actually, she has gotten strange marks on her neck. Only Minahil and Waniya are worried about this and only they witness the paranormal activities going on in the house sadly there is no one in the house to believe them. Will that pious lady once again be able to save Waniya and the house from the black magic influence?

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