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Chauraha Episode-18 and 19 Review: Zoya is not ready to forgive Junaid

The level of toxicity is becoming too high in this play!

Chauraha Episode-18 and 19 ReviewChauraha Episode-18 and 19 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Chauraha the 7th Sky Entertainment’s production drama serial airing at Geo Entertainment is sadly not going as strong as it happened to be in the starting. Performances are good but the level of toxicity is becoming quite high in the play. In the previous episodes, we have seen that Junaid is surprised to know about his father’s second marriage. In these episodes, Junaid accepts Shireen and had a very cordial relationship with her.

The level of toxicity is becoming too high in this play. Arsal’s mother is already quite a vile character but now they have turned the reasonable characters too into unpleasant ones. No one insults their guests like the way Saleem Sahab’s friend’s wife insulted Shireen. The lady is hosting the dinner in her honor then why does she behave like that?

Naila’s character was initially written so well but now she has turned into a person who is not nice at all. She is behaving so inappropriately with Shireen and Zoya. On top of that Naila’s khala too makes her entry and God what a horrible woman she is! She is shaming Shireen the way as if she has committed a huge sin. It is Junaid who intervenes and saves his stepmother from that insult.

Junaid’s taking his stepmother’s side that too in front of his khala seems like a breath of fresh air. However it makes us wonder that had Junaid not committed Zoya’s abduction and is not that down with guilt, would he then accept Shireen as his stepmother like the way he is doing now? Junaid is being too nice and cordial with Shireen. Saleem Sahab has turned into an interesting character. His accepting in front of Shireen that he lied about her intentions for second marriage looks so cute. Saleem Sahab has told Shireen to handle her issues herself, he excuses himself from helping out in any family argument.

Junaid’s friends thinking that Zoya and Junaid is now a group is quite a stretch. They even planned to kidnap Zoya. Fortunately, their plan is leaked by one of Junaid’s good friends. He shares all the group planning including the kidnapping of Zoya with Junaid. Junaid is now extremely worried and protective of Zoya. Zoya is not ready to forgive Junaid. Arsal, on the other hand, is not ready to give up on Zoya despite her mother’s pressure he is still persistent to marry Zoya. We have seen Shabbir Jan’s entry into the play as Arsal’s father. The episode ends on the scene where Zoya slaps Junaid on the street when he is insisting on her to sit on his bike. This leaves us wondering how Junaid is going to react to this slap.

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