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Chauraha Episode-30 & 31 Review: Zoya gets abducted once again and Junaid saves her

Junaid shares the whole truth about him and Zoya with his father


7th Sky Entertainment production drama serial Chauraha is now 31 episodes down, the story has lost its impact and interest. Somehow there is a feeling that this play should have concluded by now as it has already been dragged, while performances are quite good. In the previous episodes, we have seen that Zoya gets engaged with Arsal. In the latest set of episodes, the story repeats as it is shown that Zoya gets abducted once again and this time Junaid saves her and brings her back home.

Zoya, Naila, and Shireen are going out for their wedding shopping when Zoya is being followed by those goons who were Junaid’s ex-group members. They are chasing the rickshaw in which Shireen, Naila, and Zoya are sitting. Naila leaves early at the Mall as she has to meet Sikandar. Shireen is giving fare to the rickshaw driver when those goons try to kidnap Zoya, Shireen intervenes and tries to stop them but they hit Shireen with the butt of the pistol in the head and take Zoya with them.

Zoya is kidnapped once again and everyone is wondering how come Zoya has been kidnapped for a second time. Why has she always been targeted? Junaid when comes to know about that incident clearly knows who has kidnapped Zoya and where she has been kept. Meanwhile, Naila’s Khala is so mean that she calls Arsal’s parents and informs them about Zoya’s missing. God, what a horrible woman is Arsal’s mother she says such mean things that Zoya’s mother has left with no choice but to break the engagement.

Meanwhile, Sikandar and Saleem Sahab are reporting Zoya’s missing to the Police. Junaid knows exactly what he needs to do. He knows where Zoya can possibly be so he goes right to the location with the pistol. Well wondering how come Junaid knows the exact location where Zoya is kept. Junaid takes a bullet at his arm but he fights bravely and rescues Zoya and brings her back home.

Junaid bringing Zoya home and having an injury raised the question that how come he knows about Zoya. Shireen is so overwhelmed with Zoya’s coming back that she has not noticed Junaid and his injury. Naila is already being suspicious about his brother and now Saleem Sahab is also alarmed. Junaid shares the whole truth about him and Zoya, and what he did with Zoya in the past with Saleem Sahab. He comes up with an idea that Zoya should be married off to Junaid. However; Zoya firmly declines this idea despite Shireen being happy about it. Well, Junaid is sort of redeemed but is it necessary to pair him with Zoya?

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