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Daasi Episode-9 Review: Sunheri and Aahil are getting closer!

Aaliya's life turns upside down when she learns that her marriage is fixed with Aadil not Aahil

Daasi Episode-10 ReviewIn Episode-10 Aaliya 's Madness will Create big Trouble for Aahil.

Daasi the drama serial which revolves around the story of a lively and bubbly girl Sunheri who selflessly falls in love with Aahil and then she is resolute that she will change his life for good. The story is getting more intense as it proceeds. Mawara Hocane and Adeel Hussain are for the first time coming together as an onscreen couple and their onscreen chemistry looks so perfect.

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The episode begins when Aahil finds Aaliya in his bedroom, well it seems so strange that girls roam so freely at a guy’s bedroom like,  who does in real life like that. She directly asks him to bring the proposal. Aahil prepares Aadil and brings him along at Mujtaba’s house. Aahil asks Mujtaba for Aaliya’s hand for Aadil on which Mujtaba happily agrees saying that he knows that Aadil will keep her sister happy and also fixes their marriage. Aaliya’s life turns upside down when she realizes that her marriage is fixed with Aadil instead of Aahil.


Mujtaba is happy that Aliya’s wedding is fixed, he likes Aadil for Aaliya. He happily shares this news with his Khala, Sunheri’s mother and asks her to look after all the matters and preparation of the wedding as he has no parents and elders to do that for him and he has no idea about wedding matters and preparations. Sunheri’s mother advises Mujtaba to get married also,  on which he says that he has thought about it but if the girl agrees he will certainly get married soon! Sunheri’s mother says she will help him out too and she has no idea that the girl he is talking about is none other than her daughter Sunheri.


Aaliya cried her heart out on upon her marriage getting fixed. She tries to share her reservations with his brother but he tells her that he will not change his decision, he has given his word to Aadil and he can kill her but he cannot change his decision. Aaliya is not ready to accept this relationship, she very rudely and coldly talks with Aadil when he comes at her place. Aadil is extremely worried as he gets the idea that Aaliya is not happy. He again asks Aahil for help. Sunheri’s mother shares the happy news of Aaliya’s wedding with Sunheri on which Sunheri is angry that why Aaliya has not even shared anything with her.


Aahil and Sunheri are getting more and more close. She goes to his bedroom to press his clothes, well it looks so weird of her going to his bedroom and wearing his coat. Aahil brings bangles for her. Aahil and Sunheri’s song is approved and a company agrees to take it. Aahil takes Sunheri at a restaurant to celebrate this avhievement and there he expresses his true heart feelings with her. Aahil’s mother has seen Sunheri with Aahil and she gets disturbs. She tries to call her but she is not even picking her call. Aahil’s mother visits Sunheri and tells her in a rude way that why she is not taking her calls? and also that she promised to bring Aahil to her, but instead of it he is getting more close to her and is she doing that because of his property?

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