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Fraud Episode-21 Review: Talal is in very critical state after getting shot during mugging

Fraud Episode-21 Review – ARY Digital’s drama serial Fraud is one of the unique and interesting stories but now it has been dragged a lot and taken an intense tragic turn. Performances are all on point. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shaan’s mother asks Maya’s hand from her parents. In this episode there is not much mention of Maya the episode revolves around Talal and Maila, Talal gets shot during a mugging incident and he is in a very critical state.

Zimal shares with her father all that happened to her, how her phupho has locked her in a store room. Shaan is now cautious he has bought a phone for her daughter so that he gets in touch with her all the time. He is a little reserved now with his sister but he is also concerned about her marriage prospect and asks his mother to send Shirjeel to his office so he can meet him there.

Shirjeel is quite worried, he is trying to weave a fake identity of his own but failed to find one on google. He finally comes up with an identity his friend suggested related to his late uncle. Well, one wonders how come his friend got such a filthy rich uncle. Not a believable track! Anyways somehow Shirjeel manages to convince Shaan about his background but Shaan has made up his mind to investigate him more.

I don’t understand why the makers of the play make every other play a sob story. Why do they need to intensify the level of tragedy shown on the screen? This episode is all about Talal and Maila. Firstly it is shown that they both are having a happy life then they just turned their life into misery. Well before getting into the actual tragedy, I don’t understand why they are laying stress on Maila’s not getting pregnant I mean for Heaven’s sake they just got married. I think there is some time lapse issue.

Well, this tragedy is something Maila and Talal have called upon themselves. When Talal and his mother were insisted Maila should not wear real jewelry as it is not safe there but Maila instead of listening to them persists to wear such a precious necklace (by the way that necklace was not looking real and precious at all) Then when on their way back looters try to mug the car instead of silently giving them things. Talal nonsensically resists them knowing that he has no pistol with him, ending up getting shot. Talal is in a very critical condition and our heart goes out to Maila and her parents and also to Talal’s family. There is not much mention of Maya in this episode except in a scene. Wondering which way this story will be leading to?

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