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Fraud Episode-24 Review: Maya finally agrees to marry Shaan

Shaan's mother wants Maya to hide her past from Shaan

ARY Digital drama serial Fraud is going strong but there is too much dragging of the story and side tracks have overshadowed the main plot. Performances are all on point. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shirjeel marries Tooba. In this episode, it is shown that Maya eventually agrees to marry Shaan when his father shows her his Kafan, and Shaan’s mother asks Maya’s parents not to tell Shaan about Maya’s past.

Maya as we have seen is resolute not to marry anyone, but finally agrees to marry Shaan and the reason why she agrees is quite absurd and weird. Her father out of nowhere shows his Kafan to her daughter who does such kind of thing that too in mid of such depression? This scene is so absurd it does not make any sense. Maya when sees that Kafan surprisingly out of nowhere says that she is ready to marry Shaan.

Shirjeel is playing his cards well. He created a fake attack on himself with the help of his own friends making an impression in front of Tooba that he is even not safe at his own house. Tooba takes him with her to her house, he is posing like his self-respect is getting hurt but Shaan assures him that he should not think like that and he can live in the house. Only Tooba’s mother has realized his true intentions but how they have not shown that.

Shaan’s mother tells Maya’s parents not to tell Shaan anything about Maya’s past and the reason she gives for that seems quite absurd. Maya’s parents feel like this is not the right thing to do it is like deceiving him. Maya has the same opinion she thinks that she should have honestly told Shaan all about her past but her father tells her not to do that giving the same lame reasons on which Maya agrees she will do what they will say.

Shaan’s mother wants to manipulate Maya in the future which is why she is playing this game of not telling Shaan about Maya’s past. She wants to control and blackmail her in the future. She also hides from Maya’s family the only condition Shaan has put that he does not want a child from her. It is such a big thing still she does not utter any such condition in front of them. Maya should not have agreed on hiding her past. Waiting for Maya and Shirjeel’s encounter in the coming episode!

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