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Fraud Episode-33 Review: Shaan finally gets to see his step mom’s real face

Maya fails to report an FIR against Tabraiz

ARY Digital drama serial Fraud is 33 episodes down and the play is already dragged a lot. While the performances are as usual brilliant, the story needs to get winded up by now. In the previous episode, we watched that Shaan’s stepmom unravels Maya’s past in front of him and as a reaction, he throws Maya out of the house. In this episode, it is shown that Shaan sees his stepmother’s ugly face.

Maya’s father is bucking her up so that she can expose Tabraiz to the world. Well, the strange part is that Nisaar Sahab does not care to even accompany her to the Police station. Poor Maya all alone goes to the Police station which looks so unreal according to our culture. To our surprise Police depiction is shown too real, Inspector is corrupted to the core and it seems that he is a party with the ex-gang of Tabraiz.

Inspector clearly refuses to post a report against Tabraiz giving Maya lame excuses. Despite he was provided with proof of her wedding picture he says that this is not sufficient to report an FIR against him. Maya asks her for the contact details of the girls who have complained against him, he excused her to provide him with any details saying that it is not their policy. It is shown that he gets bribed by that ex-gang of Tabraiz.

The good thing about Maya is that she has not given up her struggle of exposing Tabraiz. She is disappointed by Police but she is resolute that she will make Tabraiz pay for his sins. She has realized that Tabraiz has a huge list of sins as she has started meeting all the victims personally. Maya has made up her mind to put her case on social media and she will continue to fight for justice.

Shaan is such a dumb character why he is so blinded in the case of his stepmother? Firstly he gives Sharjeel another chance and if he is forgiving Sharjeel, he needs to give Maya at least a chance to hear her side of the story. However, he plans to take his daughter to America leaving his whole business in hands of his stepmother. He literally gives her the power of attorney! Knowing that a Fraud is living in his house. He has literally thrown his whole wealth into his stepmother’s feet. On his way back Shaan sees his stepmom’s a really ugly face. She gives her a reality check by robbing all his money and telling him that only blood relation matters.

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