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Fraud Episode-30 Review: Maya fails to muster the courage to tell Shaan about her past

Sharjeel tries his luck once again by apologizing from Shaan's stepmother

Fraud the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is 30 episodes down and still story has not been even close to its conclusion. Performances are all brilliant and particularly its Saba Qamar and Mikaal Zulfiqar’s onscreen chemistry which is carrying the show. In the previous episode we have watched that Maya unravels Sharjeel’s reality in front of the Tooba and her mother. In this episode it is shown that Maya fails to muster the courage to tell Shaan all about her past.

Maya has finally gathered the courage to unravel Sharjeel’s identity in front of Tooba and her mother in the previous episode. Now the first thing she must do is to take Shaan into full confidence and tell him all about her past. I have a feeling that eventually he will going to forgive her and accept her. However Maya is being dumb here she fails to muster the courage to tell everything to Shaan.

Well Maya is not realizing the fact that if she will not going to tell her truth to Shaan. Sharjeel might tell him and if Shaan will listen her story in his words it will going to hurt him a lot and he will not going to forgive Maya. Maya should have shown some spine and even Shaan is giving her chances to speak up by asking her that is everything okay? Does she have any problem he offers her to discuss it with him but Maya prefers to stay silent. It looks so annoying!

Maila’s part of story is not making any sense? How come marrying Maila will become so important for Nael? He wants to absolve himself from his past sins by marrying her and he thinks in that way he will going to make her dead mother’s soul peaceful and happy. They are having a nikkah ceremony, which Maya and Shaan both are supposed to attend even Shaan is super excited about it but he gets an official meeting so Maya is going alone.

Sharjeel is not ready to give up. Tooba is really heartbroken and she is shattered. Tooba is not picking Sharjeel’s call Sharjeel’s whole game gets ruined by this revelation. His ailing father is still in the critical stage in the hospital waiting for money well one wonders he is a con man and he is being looted numerous girls then how come he is so penniless? Sharjeel meets Shaan’s step mother and tells him that he does not mean to hurt them nor he has any intentions to do any fraud with them. In fact he tells her that he wants help her out in cashing money from Shaan. Overall a good episode!

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