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Habs Episode-8 Review: Basit is marrying Ayesha

Ayesha's mother cashing Basit to her best

Habs Episode-8 ReviewHabs Episode-8 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

The drama serial Habs airing at Ary Digital is one engaging play with stellar performances. We, particularly love Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah’s spectacular chemistry. In the previous episode, we have seen Basit shocking Ayesha by falsely claiming in front of his mother that Ayesha and he are nikkahfied. In this episode, Ayesha reacts to his conduct but Basit handles it well, he brings his proposal to Ayesha’s mother.

Ayesha strongly reacts to Basit’s false claims and her reaction is justified. Basit has committed a blunder, he has no right to use her as a scapegoat. Ayesha is right in saying that by doing that actually, he is rectifying what the office is speculating about Basit’s affiliation with her. However, Basit has set his eyes on Ayesha and he has made up his mind to marry her.

Ayesha straight away tells Basit that she will be leaving the job but she is only going to work till her loan is paid off. She is a woman of dignity not like her greedy mother. Basit meets Ayesha’s mother and asks for her hand. Ayesha’s youngest sister is going gaga over Basit. Janice Tessa’s performance is quite good as Zoya her screen presence is quite delightful so is Dania Anwer as Bano.

Ayesha’s mother is cashing Basit to her best! It is like her lifelong dream come true. All she loves is money and now she is getting it in form of Basit’s marriage with Ayesha. It is a secret deal of Basit with Ayesha’s mother that he will be naming the house they live in against her and promises to look after their expenses too. Ayesha refuses this proposal which her mother creates a lot of hues and cries and she even created a scene to kill herself. Ayesha is still resolute that she cannot marry him at least she is not blinded by greed like her mother.

Basit’s inclination to Ayesha makes sense but why Basit’s mother is so happy with Ayesha’s family is not making any sense. Ayesha and their status and class are poles apart plus Ayesha’s Phupho and her mother clearly look greedy but she is still okay with it. It seems that Basit’s mother is trying to make Basit happy by accepting his choice. Ayesha on Basit’s request has timely agreed in front of his mother but she has no plans to marry Basit. How will Basit convince Ayesha to marry him? It will be great if he professes his liking and feelings for her but sadly he is marrying her just to fulfill his father’s will. We are still rooting for Basit and Ayesha. Happening episode!

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