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Habs Last Episode Review: A happy reunion of Basit and Ayesha

The play ends on a happy reunion of Basit and Ayesha

ARY Digital drama serial Habs has finally ended! The story unfortunately has been dragged and it is not like how it used to be in the beginning. Performances are all superb, particularly it is Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah’s sizzling chemistry which is carrying the whole show. In the previous episode, we have seen that Ayesha filed for a divorce but the lawyer asks her to reconsider her decision for sake of her child. This episode ends with a happy reunion of Basit and Ayesha.

Ayesha’s anger is not making any logic at all. If she has whole heartily forgiven her mother then she should have forgiven Basit as well. Ayesha and Basit both are lost in their reveries. Ayesha is now considering her decision from the point of view of her child. It makes her feel sad that her baby will also not get her father’s love like the way she is deprived of her father.

As in the last episodes, all matters get resolved Zoya’s matter gets solved as well. Zoya calls Aamir and begs him to meet her. Aamir meets her but he is not ready to forgive her straight away, he accepts her apology and gives her some time to reform herself. Zoya agrees with Aamir’s decision and she makes the best of it she decides to rejoin her studies in the meantime. Basit calls Ayesha to tell her that he is leaving for abroad. He asks Ayesha to meet him for the last time.

Thank God Bano has not agreed to marry that loser Talal, she certainly does not deserves him but she deserves to be hitched to someone. In the ending scene, she is shown with Fahad and they both appear as a couple, and one wonders why they have shown together in the last scene of Bobby Phupho’s wedding. One wonders where is Fahad’s wife why he is being clicked next to Bano. By the way, they both look great together and Bano really deserves Fahad but there is no hint of them as a couple.

Ayesha meets Basit and the flame between them rekindles. This time Ayesha herself asks Basit not to leave her and their child alone. They both happily reunite as a blessed couple. Ayesha and Basit named their daughter after Basit’s mother Sadia. The ending scene is well shot in which we see the little 3 years old Sadia introducing everyone at Bobby Nano’s wedding. It’s good to see Zoya and Aamir together, the baby introduces Fahad and Bano together as her favourites. All well that ends well. A perfect ending! Kudos to the entire cast and crew of Habs and particularly Musaddiq Malik for executing it so well.

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