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Hania Episode 5 Review: Hania has no courage!

Junaids beats the hell out of Hania and still she doesn't say a word


The number of cases we hear almost everyday about marital abuse and domestic violence, makes us think that this issue needs to be address appropriately and perhaps ARY Digital is taking it quite seriously to educate the masses. First Kaisa Hai Naseeban and now Hania, the two drama serials are just doing an incredible job to raise such an important issue like that of domestic violence.

Hania is a play which revolves around a girl who is silently suffering the hardships and pain of an abusive relationship because she cannot muster the courage of speaking against the brutality of her husband and in-laws. The play is well written by Doorway Entertainment and brilliantly directed by Qasim Ali Mureed. Junaid Khan has brilliantly played a dark role for the first time and we’re quite enjoying watching him. Zoya Nasir, although a new comer, knows her craft well. She is a convincing actress and it shows.

The 5th episode begins when poor Hania visits her ailing father and Junaid gets to know about her visit. He beats the hell out of her but while he is brutally beating Hania, Maira coincidentally  lands at their house and sees everything. She is appalled and disgusted to see Junaid fiercely hitting her. Maira silently sneaks out of the house but she is extremely disturbed about whatever she has seen and shares it all with her parents.


Hania’s father’s reaction is an ideal one! Every parent should react in the same way he did there should be zero tolerance for domestic abuse. However Hania’s mother reaction is a typical. There is no place for compromise in abusive relationships. Well Hania’s mother’s view reflects our society mentally where divorce is considered as a stigma and in order to avoid divorce women suffer a lot, silence sometimes dragging them towards more devastation.

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Hania is one such girl who feels that society will not accept her as a divorced women so she keeps herself suffering in that abusive relationship. Despite of being treating like an animal by her husband and knowing the reality about their illegal business activities, she has not yet gathered the courage to speak against her husband and in laws. The blunder Hania makes is when she refuses to go with her father when he comes to rescue her!

Well Junaid’s brutality does not stopped there, he beats her badly and locks her up in the room. Even her mother in law badly treats her and we then see how Junaid’s make her eat the food with his own hands in a hysteric way and says that it is her way of loving her! He clearly has some psychological issues. After forcefully feeding his wife he locks her up again! Will Hania’s father be able to rescue her? Will Hania speak and stand for herself? We’re eager to know if this turns out to be a story of a survivor or someone who just goes by and suffers everything.

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