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Jhok Sarkar Episode-2 Review: Peeral gets enchanted by Noori

ASP Arsalan gets his posting in Jhok Siaal

Jhok Sarkar’s story after two episodes has started picking the pace. Performances are all incredible, particularly by Asif Raza Mir has stolen the show with his power-packed performance. In the previous episode, we have seen that eventually Noori and Shoki get caught by Meeral. In this episode, Noori and Shoki are presented before Peeral in a jirga where Peeral laid his eyes on Noori and gets enchanted by her beauty.

Noori and Shoki have been presented in the Jirga, everyone is fearing for their lives but the moment Peeral laid his eyes on Noori he gets enchanted by her beauty and lost his heart. He immediately made up his mind to marry her. His remarks that ” aurat baaghi hokar itni khoobsurat lagti hay” gives shivers down her body. Everyone is suggesting Peeral to kill Shouqat.

However, Peeral has something cooking in his head. He gives a verdict at Jirga which seems not much cruel, instead of handing Shoki to his son Meeral gives him to the Police telling him to take good care of him. Meeral makes a hue and cries over this decision for not handing him his culprit. The second decision Peeral takes is that Noori will work as a maid in service for the ladies of the Haveli till his father return his loan money.

The expression comes on Meeral’s face on hearing that Noori will stay at Haveli and says that he has eyes on her as well. The tussle already going on between Peeral’s wives and this addition of Noori makes the story dynamics even more interesting. There are no more Sassi’s scenes in this episode. The initial posting ASP Arsalan had assigned at the federal capital is been taken by some influential candidate and he is assigned to the district of Jhok Siaal.

ASP Arsalan’s love interest also belongs to an affluent family, his father offers Arsalan to assign him to a good position but he declines all his offers and it seems like they are on the verge of a breakup. Noori is now in the haveli and there Peeral offers her to come into his nikkah and he will in return going to leave Shoki unhurt not just that he will also going to forgive all the loans that her father has taken from him. Noori reminds him that she is of his daughter’s age on which he gives a very sinister expression telling her that ” Magar tum beti ho tu nahi ho na”. Captivating buildup!

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