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Jhok Sarkar Episode-8 Review: Sassi has a change of heart for ASP Arsalan

Noori convinces Sassi that ASP Arsalan has not intentionally killed Jeewan

HUM TV drama serial Jhok Sarkar after 8 episodes is going stronger. This serial has become our favorite prime-time watch. Farhan Saeed is a real treat to watch. In the previous episode, we have seen that Saasi and ASP Arsalan’s encounter has not been a pleasant one as Sassi slaps hard on his face. In this episode Saasi’s heart has changed towards ASP Arsalan in fact she starts supporting him.

ASP Arsalan keeps his head and chin high at Peeral’s haveli. No Police Officer has ever represented himself in this body language ever. Peeral is furious at him and he in front of his superior tries to demean ASP Arsalan but he is resolute that he has to investigate Meeral’s goons. On which Meeral loses his cool. Arsalan’s superior asks him to slow down and he settles the issue for the time being.

Peeral takes Meeral’s class, he knows his son really well. Noori overhears their conversation through which she gets to know that Meeral has involved Jeevan in his illegal activities as a result he gets killed in the Police encounter. On the other side of the Haveli Sardari Begum and Zulekha are joining hands to throw Noori out of the house, well why Sardari Begum will take Zulekha’s side she should have been happy that the woman who stole her husband is now facing karma.

Sassi gets a job offer by Government as a result of the struggles of ASP Arsalan when Sassi gets this news she is about to refuse it but then her good friend Noori convinces her that ASP Arsalan was merely doing his duty he unintentionally killed Jeevan, the actual murderer of his brother is Meeral who involved him in his illegal activities. There Noori gets to know that Shoukat has not reached home she has made up her mind that if God forbid anything bad happened with him she will take her revenge on Haveli.

Danni Baksh gathers people and asks them to protest in front of the Police station against ASP Arsalan for killing Jeevan. It seems that Jahandad is also behind the protests. The protests are going really fierce when ASP Arsalan makes his appearance he tries to control them but in vain. The protestors are still protesting when Saasi makes her entry with his father, she addresses the protestors telling them that her brother’s murderer is not ASP Arsalan but his actual murderers are those who involved him in illegal activities. ASP Arsalan is surprised to see Sassi supporting him. Quite an interesting buildup!

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