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Kashf Episode 26 Review: Kashf and her family is in big trouble

HUM TV’s drama serial Kashf is one fine play with a unique storyline and brilliant performances. In this Episode Mattiullah with the help of a senior Police Officer gets Kashf’s father arrested under corruption charges. It seems that Kashf and her whole family is in a huge mess. All performances were on point, particularly Waseem Abbas’s performance is simply brilliant.

The episode begins with Mattiullah meeting one of the higher ranked Police Officer and telling him to give him a favor. The Police Officer of DG IG level seems to be his old follower, he arrests Imtiaz under corruption charges and for not paying taxes. They seal his house and moreover they took all their valuables, jewellery and money into custody. Kashf’s family is back to their house.

Kashf is too worried to see her family suffering like that and on top of that Mattiullah enters into the house telling them whatever just happened is just a trailer, remaining picture is still to be shown. He says that he can also make Kashf arrest but if she agrees to partner with him in his Astana he will release her father. Well one wonders that if Mattiullah is that powerful and influential then why he waited for that long, and why he did not take this step before?

Kashf is resolute that no matter what happen she will not sit at any Astana. She further tells Mattiullah that it is not him who made her family suffer, but it is Allah who is punishing her and her family for making business of her spirituality and now she will never repeat this same mistake ever. She refuses Mattiullah’s offer and tells him to go. Kashf’s mother and family are insisting her to accept Mattiullah’s offer but Kashf is resolute that she is not going to sit at any Astana again.

Mattiullah does not stop there, he send Police at Wajdaan’s place to seal his house as well because it is also Imtiaz’s property! Kashf’s world turn upside down when she realizes that Wajdaan and his family is in great trouble because of her. Kashf is cursing herself but Wajdaan is telling her that she is right and he is with her. However, Kashf seems to have second thoughts since Wajdaan’s house is captivated that it is better if she would have agreed to Mattiullah’s offer. Will Kashf partner with Mattiullah in his Astana to save her father and Wajdaan’s house? or will she remain resolute on her decission?

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