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Meher Posh Episode-7 Review: Mehru is brutally trashed by Naeem once again in front of her neighbours

Naeem's Chachi is so vile that she brings his son's proposal for Mehru

Meher Posh Episode-7 ReviewIn this episode Mehru is brutally trashed by Naeem once again in front of her neighbours - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Meher Posh the drama serial which revolves around the girl Mehru and her agonies of being a divorcee. It is shown that how she is going back to life but then once again because of Shah Jahan, Mehru has to face another trail this time Naeem so brutally vilifies Mehru’s character by gathering the neighbors and trashing her in front of them. Aiza Khan’s performance is superb in this episode.

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Well the episode begins with a scene where Naeem’s Chachi very artfully trying to trash Naeem and her mother in front of Mehru’s parents and she is so meanly and shamelessly talks once again about Mehru’s proposal little she knows that her act is making herself suspicious in Mehru’s parent’s eyes. They are resolute that they will never marry off Mehru in this same family. Mehru is also extremely hurt by knowing about this proposal.

Well the character of Naeem seems bit senseless and over, initially he happens to be a nice person and somehow his vile Chachi has played with his sensibilities and she is successful in tarnishing Mehru’s reputation in his eyes and that Mehru has fallen in his eyes as an ideal wife. Now when she has already divorced her why he despite of belonging to a respectable family is still after trashing her and now this time in front of the world?

Naeem’s Chachi is all set of dreaming Mehru as her daughter in law, her eyes are more on her job. She is just a pathetic character that she is making us wonder that how can one stoop so low? Even her son is trying to stop her but she is not ready to listen her well being as an adult her son should have taken some solid stand. Shah Jahan hears somewhere that divorce does not happen at a single sitting now he tries to undo his mistake he goes at Naeem’s place and begs him to consider his relationship. Well, this is such a pathetic act by Shah Jahan knowing well about Naeem’s reality and meanness he still wants Mehru to suffer more? Why can’t he be a man and owns his love and saves her from all the miseries she is facing?

Mehru who has somehow managed to come back to life once again faces another setback and this time quite a harsh one and once again by Shah Jahan’s stupid mistake. Naeem reacts to Shah Jahan’s humble plea and instead of considering Mehru, he trashes her in front of her whole neighborhood, attacking her character once again and finally divorcing her. Poor Mehru does not deserve this behavior.

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