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Meray Pass Tum Ho Episode-13 Review: Mehwish served right!

The only person suffering in the entire fiasco is Roomi

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13 episodes have gone down now and we still find ourselves hooked to Meray Pass Tum Ho on ARY Digital. Despite some strong competition in Alif on Geo, Meray Pass Tum Ho has a special fan following of its own, people who watch the show devotedly for the amazing performances it offers.

This week’s episode was heart-wrenching like all others. Most of all, we will miss Mateen Sahab’s presence in Danish’s life now that he has passed away but then again, he was the only person Danish was close to. To let someone else get close to him and for him to offer someone else his support, Danish needed to find himself all alone. And now it seems, with him finding Hania all alone after Mateen Sahab, he will relate to her in a way like no other.

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Episode 13 showed a leap of a few months, Danish is now insistent on becoming a businessman and making it big. With his determination, it seems he might succeed. However, he is deeply hurt and unable to take care of his son, as a result of which, Roomi, has himself asked to be put in a boarding school and is suffering.


The only person suffering in the entire fiasco between Danish and Mehwish is Roomi because the divorce has killed his bubbly personality. The kid is suffering, lagging in class and become unsocial in school. The dialogue exchange between Danish and Roomi were beautiful and showed how children are made out of pure love and understand love the most. Roomi was deserted by his mother and he understand what it means when a parent leaves a child of his own will. Danish hasn’t been seen poisoning Roomi’s thoughts about his mother but the way the child reacted, it seems, he is intelligent enough to gauge things on his own. We just wish the drama does deliver a message about what happens to a child’s personality in case of bitter relations between parents.

The dialogues between Danish and Mateen Sahab were again superb. The way Mateen Sahab narrated his tale of cheating on his wife and how one who cheats in a relationship suffers the most, were simply amazing. As it seems, Mehwish has now begun to get a taste of her own doing. She insists upon getting married to Shahwar, who simply enjoys her company as a mistress with no intention of marrying her.


The next week’s promo shows Mehwish finally realizing she has a son and Roomi avoiding his mother at every cost. Will Mehwish now file for custody for Roomi and will Danish battle it in the court or let Roomi go too? The upcoming episodes will be interesting to watch.

This week’s episode belonged to Mohammad Ahmed and Shees Saji Gul for portraying brilliant emotions. Humayun Saeed was amazing as usual but we missed Ayeza Khan and Adnan Siddiqui who only appeared for a brief scene. For now, we’re still hooked to Meray Pass Tum Ho with its captivating story and amazing performances laced with some heavy-duty dialogues.

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