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Mere Bewafa In Review: Azra gathers herself to stand up for her own rights

Muskaan has motivated Azra to fight for whats hers


Mere Bewafa an interesting drama serial on A plus aired its 13th Episode yesterday. The play is written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and the wonderful direction is done by the very talented Sakina Samoo. The cast of the play includes Sarah Khan, Agha Ali and  Zhalay Sarhadi in the leading roles and Hassan Noman, Shagufta Aijaz ,Madiha Rizvi, Sadaf Ashan, Pari Hashmi  and Osama Tahir in other prominent roles.


Up till now, we have seen the story of the play revolving around the betrayal. Azra’s husband  Shameer marries her friend Mona and bring her to his house. They shift to her bedroom and Azra is asked to shift to the store room. The in laws are portrayed as typical mean people who only think of themselves.  Mona is shown as a sharp girl who cannot be ill treated as she knows well how to fight for herself. However it is also shown that Mona feels insecure because of Azra.

Azra initially cannot  stand this whole situation, crying her heart out but once she’s had enough she lashes out on Mona. Coincidentally both the women are pregnant and unlike situations where husband sides with his second wife, we have some different situation here. Shahmeer seem more inclined towards Azra and that’s a new thing.


Shhameer has been shown to have  a very weak resolve and a character that is easily manipulated. However, he is more inclined towards Azra and seems he has some feelings for her in one of the scenes his dialogues suggest that he is regretting bringing Mona to the house, “Wo tu nazar aaraha hay kay tum Azra nahi ho,” says an irritated Shahmeer.

Over the course of 13 episodes, Shahnawaz and his wife Muskaan have turned out to be our favorite characters. Muskaan is shown as a positive, brave and practical woman who fights for her own rights and is successful in making her way out of that house where her rights are being exploited with the support of her husband. Muskaan also motivates Azra to stand up for her rights and she tells her that this house is also Azra’s father’s property. She stresses that respect is more important than anything else and that Azra should  fight for her own respect and for that she need to respect herself first and should have courage.


Motivated by Muskaan’s support, Azra has found new strenght where she has prepared herself to talk to everyone at the dining table. What will be the outcome for this angry tirade Azra is about to shoot.

For now, we’re absolutely loving each character in their respective avatars. Aagha Ali, Sarah Khan and Zhalay Sarhadi remain the highlight of Mere Bewafa. Sakina Samoo has truly extracted brilliant performances from her cast, especially Zhalay, because you simply hate her as Mona. Sadia Jabbar Productions has always been a winner with quality content and with Mere Bewafa, the truth has been consolidated further. This is one drama, you absolutely don’t want to miss.

To find out whether Azra is able to win her husband back, stay tuned to Mere Bewafa only on A Plus!

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