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Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep-20 Review: Shahaan is suspicious about Ulfaat’s prize bonds

HUM TV’s play Mohabbat Tujhay Alvida with 20 episodes down seems an unnecessarily dragged story. From point of view of execution, we see flaws in this episode, there is a scene that creates great confusion that whether it has actually happened or it’s something Ulfaat or Shafaq is fearing. There is no clarity or no indication shown that it was imagination or reality, it seems that this scene has actually happened. It is so absurd.

Shahaan has started being suspicious that Shafaq is behind Ulfaat’s change of status. He shares his doubts with his friend but he thinks that it is not possible. Later Shahaan finds his manager talking with someone on phone, addressing her as Madam and telling her that it is so difficult to get confirmed prize bonds. He further tells that it is illegal too. Shahaan is hearing all this conversation.

When Shahaan inquires about what his manager was talking about? he says that his wife is insisting him to buy prize bonds as she is so inspired by Ulfaat’s success. Well, Shahaan is not fully convinced with this explanation. Shafaq’s father invites Ulfaat, Shafaq, and Shahaan for dinner. Ulfaat shows too much tantrums ongoing for that dinner but at Shaafq’s father’s place she behaves very nicely and she talks a lot with her father.

Ulfaat procures the prize bond with the help of her servant. Later at the night, Shafaq gives that bond to Ulfaat telling her that their deal is over now. Shahaan enters into the room but he has not seen or heard anything. He seems very suspicious. Then there is an abrupt scene that has created so much nonsense that Ulfaat wins the prize bond and Shahaan reveals the true face of Shafaq and Ulfaat in front of his mother ending up divorcing both. Well, there is no clear indication that whether it has actually happened or is it just an imagination of Shafaq or Ulfaat. Later in the following scenes, we have seen that it has not actually happened. Poor execution!

Shahaan gets alarmed when he mentions his manager buying prize bonds for his wife on which Shafaq’s father gets surprised on knowing that when did he got married? This question has raised Shahaan’s suspicion level and he is sure that there is something fishy going. Shafaq is fearing that if Shahaan will get to know about this everything will get ruined. We are wondering about Shahaan’s reaction going to be when he will come to know that Ulfaat has made a deal with Shafaq for letting him marry against 15 Crores.


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