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Muqaddar Episode 13 Review: Raima’s heart still beat for Haris

Muqaddar the drama serial running at Geo Entertainment is one of the best plays of this season. Sardar Saif’s character portrayal is done with such mastery and Faisal Qureshi is nailing it with his super brilliant performance and Madiha Imam’s performance is too very impressive. This episode shows a slight story growth.

Haris has taken a full revenge mode. He meets Sardar Saif’s wife and tells him about Sardar Saif’s second marriage, although Sardar Saif’s first wife has shattered from inside but she behaves as if she has not been affected by the news and it is nothing for her. This casual treatment has amazed Haris so much, he is wondering  what kind of woman she is, she has no issue with her husband’s second marriage! Well, we have watched 8 minutes scenes from previous episodes so in total the air time of the play is really short.


Raima although has lied with Haris about her marriage, still her heart beats for Haris and his family. Even after so much insult she still calls him and begs him to talk with her. Well, once again Raima has no choice but to make herself hate able in Haris eyes she once again says that she has married Sardar Saif because she is impressed by his wealth on which Haris gives her a shut-up call by saying that then she does not need to have any relation with him and his family.


Well, it seems that Raima is a bit swayed by Sardar Saif’s wealth and power, she goes out shopping and it seems that she is enjoying shopping, buying luxurious designer wears. There at the shopping mall, she accidentally sees Saad and she tries to avoid him. Saad also sees her but it seems so weird that he does not anxiously follow her the way he should have been, his friend tells him to stay away so he just follows his friend’s advice and he is not as keen as he used to be for Raima, it seems strange though!


Abeera has fully made her mind to marry Hassan, she on her behalf breaks his engagement from Saad. Well here Abeera’s mother hiding this main issue from Sardar Saif? why she should bring it in his notice. Maybe it is because Sardar Saif’s wife is already occupied with other worries, her pride and ego are badly hurt and she is not ready to share her husband with anyone. Is she going to create any troubles for Raima? we have to wait for the next episode to find out!


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