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Pehchaan Episode-17 and 18 Review: Sharmeen is struggling to find her own identity

We get to see more of flashbacks

Pehchaan Episode-17 and 18 ReviewPehchaan Episode-17 and 18 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum TV drama serial Pehchaan is one of the modern stories in terms of its themes which is based on feminism, it highlights the importance of women’s emancipation. Performances are too good, particularly of Hiba Bukhari and Syed Jibran. In the previous episodes, we have seen Sharmeen starts living with her Safina Phupho. In these episodes, it is shown that Sharmeen is struggling hard to live an independent life and find her own identity.

Well, it is so out of character for Adnan to worry about Sharmeen how she is living with her Phupho and what if she needs any money. He calls Sharmeen’s family and snubs her brother to bring her back home. Well, when Sharmeen’s family gets there right at that moment Aziz and his sister come to meet Sharmeen.

Sharmeen’s family questioning Aziz’s presence there is quite justified. Once again eyes are on Sharmeen. Sharmeen clearly tells Aziz that he has no chance he will always be her best friend’s brother for her. Further, Sharmeen loses her cool and she starts begging everyone not to worry for her and also that she knows how to take care of herself. All she wants is to live on her own and to get her lost identity back.

Adnan is the culprit in this whole situation. He has robbed Sharmeen of her identity by giving her a fake persona of Cookie. He had given her that nick in the memory of his lady love. We get to see more flashbacks in these episodes since flashbacks are very important in this play as it unfolds the back story. We get to know that since Sharmeen was expecting her first child Adnan’s behavior towards her changed. He started taking care of her and brings her to his home in Turkey. So it is the pregnancy news that melted Adnah’s heart for Sharmeen.

Sharmeen is trying hard to start an independent life. She is facing lots of challenges at her workplace. Sharmeen fails to control her class and gets a warning from her employer. On her way home, faces harassment. Sharmeen has realized that life will not be easy. Adnan’s mother lies to Sharmeen’s mother that she is thinking about Adnah’s second marriage and also she is bringing Hamna home. Sharmeen’s bhabi calls Sharmeen and there she imparts this news of Adnah thinking of second marriage to her. Sharmeen gives an expression of shock. I’m wondering if is she really shocked or hurt.

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