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Raqs e Bismil Ep-12 Review: Zohra succumbs to Malik’s proposal

Story seems to get little out of track in this episode

Raqs e Bismil Ep-12 ReviewRaqs e Bismil Ep-12 Review - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Raqs e Bismil the serial running at HUM TV unfortunately is not going as powerful as it used to be in the start. In the previous episode, we have seen that Moosa has been sent to Jail and his father has totally disowned him. In this episode, Moosa is in Jail where he meets Na Muraad’s friend who eventually going to help him. Zohra on the other hand fails to resist more on Malik Sheharyar’s offer as she knows that her refusal will further be going to create trouble for Anna Jee.

In this episode, we have seen an unbelievable and out-of-character scene where Sitara visits Zohra. Here The question arises that why she visits her when her father has broken the engagement? How come Sitara, who is a girl from such a reputable Syed family visits a harlot’s place? How come Issa agrees to take her there? The scene between Zohra and Sitara is powerful where Zohra comes to know that Moosa has been arrested for fighting for a girl. Zohra clearly tells Sitara that she is not that girl nor she has any intentions of taking Moosa from her. Sitara admits in front of Zohra that she is the one who is defeated in love.

Well, one good thing about this play is the positive portrayal of the majority of the characters. All major characters are shown in positive light except Malik Sheharyar. The portrayal of Peer Sahab is of such an honest and upright man who does not even care for his son when it comes to the matter of right and wrong. When he hears that his son has attacked the boys, he simply disowns him. The way Sitara’s father talks with Peer Sahab returning him the engagement ring is shown in such a positive manner there is no hard feelings. The empathy Sitara’s father has for Peer Sahab is simply heart-touching.

Zohra has left with no choice but to accept Malik Sheharyar’s offer, she knows that her refusal is going to create further troubles for Anna Jee. Anna jee herself does not force Zohra to marry even when she knows that she is having trouble because of it. She respects Zohra’s opinion which seems a little unreal as professionals do not behave in this way.

Sakina has totally transformed, she tells her lover not to disturb her again. Sakina admits in front of Issa that she has wronged Moosa by slapping him and now this guilt is eating her up. Moosa seems to be in a tranquil state of mind even in jail. It seems that he has achieved a level of peace in his heart. Hopefully, we are going to see more of Moosa and Zohra in the next episode.

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