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ShahRukh Ki Saliyan Episode-22 Review: Mickey and Glucose’s Nikkah got cancelled

With an amazing storyline and quality comedy, ShahRukh Ki Saliyan is a laughing roller coaster which surely takes us away for some time from the world of tensions and worries. Veteran Comedy writer Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt has very beautifully written this comedy with interesting situations and amazing characters. Ramsha Khan and Ahsan Khan’s onscreen chemistry looks simply perfect!

The episode begins when MD goons are excited to kidnap Mickey’s bridegroom to be, when they show it to MD they have realized that they have mistakenly kidnapped the dummy, the goon asks MD to give him a single chance. Glucose, on the other hand, is waiting for his mother, he has sent Shahrukh to bring Bayjee from the railway station but MD goons have now kidnapped Shahrukh mistaking him for Glucose. Shahrukh is thinking that the goons who have kidnapped him are Komal’s brothers so he clearly says that he does not want to marry her and he always thinks her as her sister. Unexpectedly the goons were happy on knowing that he does not want to marry as Shahrukh was expecting them to be angry on him.


Glucose’s mother comes to Hawaldaar’s house on her own, she is angry about the fact that why Glucose is marrying in such haste. The funny part is that when she likes Anoushe more than Mickey. Then she conducts an interview with Mickey in private and she does that in a very strict manner. Later she happily comes out of the room dancing that she has finally passed Mickey and she has agreed for the Nikkah but then her eyes meet with Hawaldaar and she gets stunned.


Glucose’s mother instantly orders Glucose to get out of this house because she cannot let him marry the daughter of this man! Everyone is shocked and wondering what happened? what Hawaldaar Sahab has done with her that she is so angry to see him and now she is not ready to let Glucose do the nikkah. She takes Glucose with him back to the railway station leaving all girls are upset and wondering that what their father has done?


Hawaldaar, on the other hand, is very disturbed he shares with Shahrukh that he has hurt Uzma’s feelings unintentionally. On the other hand, MD is happy to know that Mickey’s Nikkah got canceled. Komal and Abbas sir’s office scene is hilarious as ever when Komal is sadly singing Lap e atti hay Dua and Abbass sir catches her singing and gets mad at her and also on Shahrukh and Anousheh.

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