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Tabeer 2nd Episode Review: The Unexpected!

With Yasir no more, what will Tabeer do now?

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Tabeer has hooked us from the very beginning owing to its straightforward yet very interesting story. Written by Imran Ashraf and directed by Ahson Talish, Tabeer is a drama that speaks of intense emotions executed well by each actor on board. Two episodes into Tabeer and we’ve become huge fans of Imran Ashraf, his style of writing and the way his story has been narrated in Tabeer.

Yasir surprises Tabeer with a surprise visit at home in the middle of the night. Its raining cats and dogs and Tabeer and Yasir’s cute chemistry, especially between those scenes in the rain, was absolutely heart touching. Here is couple who understand and love each other in its purest sense.


On the other hand, Fawad’s wife is hospitalized and he is really worried for her. Fawad is managing his office as well as attending to his wife on cost of sacrificing his own health. Fawad’s mother is not happy with Fawad’s carelessness and is as usual very stern.

Tabeer and Yasir share a very intense bond. Tabeer is innocent and she loves Yasir with all her heart and soul and that is why she cries her heart out when he sleeps while she is dressing up. However, she loves him more than anything in the world and is back to normal the moment he addresses her.

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Fawad is in a chaos owing to Zanish’s hospitalization but he chooses to remain quiet in front of his mom. She scolds him and also inquires about Yasir. Upon finding he is away at home, she threatens to fire him if he’s not back within the day.

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Yasir, as obedient as he is, agrees to rush back to work before anything else. But what happens to him is unknown. Dadi receives a call and the next thing we’re shown is Yasir’s dead body. He died in an accident. But what happened to Yasir? How did he die? Is this a dream sequence? Is Yasir really dead? Will Fawad and Tabeer’s tragedy bring them together?

Tabeer Episode 1 Review: Brilliant Execution!

There are just so many unanswered questions that we truly need answers for but wait is what we cannot do. To be honest, Imran Ashraf has won our hearts as his portrayal of Yasir. We loved him as Shammo, and now we’ve been convinced of his versatility  People will call it a simple character but we like him for its simplicity. Also Shehzad Sheikh and Iqra Aziz are commendable in their roles. All in all, Tabeer is one drama you don’t want to miss. Its simple, its beautiful and its like your much needed reprise in the chaotic life. With all its tragedy, Tabeer yet manages to make you feel all sorts of things.


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