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Bilal Maqsood reveals how the latest version of the jingle ‘Chai Chahiye’ came into being

Bilal’s post surely provides us with the perfect in-depth insight of what goes on a musician's head when they’re making music

Bilal MaqsoodBilal Maqsood | OyeYeah

Lipton just completely changed the game with their new TVC as they took us all back in time and revived the classic jingle ‘Chai Chahiye’. The song just dropped and has already become the talk of the town as people reminisce over old memories.


The iconic pop song, sung by Alycia Dias, was a bit different from the original version so that the current generation could also enjoy it. Music maestro Bilal Maqsood played a huge role in the revamp of the song. He not only dropped a teaser on his social media before the song came out, but he has also posted a video explaining why the changes were made.

The musician went into detail about the style and rhythm of the song and how it was changed to make it different from the original version. Bilal talked about how it was a dream for him to recreate the iconic jingle. The singer has immense love for all the jingles from back in the day and was honored to recreate ‘Chai Cahiye’.

The Strings band member, talked about how the style of the song was changed to make it more relevant to today’s time and generation. He also explained how because the style and rhythm were changed, they had to make a few changes in the lyrics as well so it went with the melody of the jingle.

Bilal’s post surely provides us with the perfect in-depth insight of what goes on a musician’s head when they’re making music and it’s truly interesting to find out how our all-time favorite jingle Chai Chahiye’s latest version came into being. The famous pop song has been transformed so that the younger generation can also find it relatable and something to enjoy.

Bilal ended his video with a huge thank you to everyone for liking the new TVC and giving such a great response!

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