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HBO and Channing Tatum Collaborate for a Short Series on Elon Musk and SpaceX

After Elon Musk himself collaborated with Tom Cruise and NASA for a space film, HBO and Channing Tatum have decided to join forces as the two proceed towards a short series based on Elon Musk and his brainchild SpaceX. The series, consisting of six episodes will be executive produced by Tatum who owns the production company Free Association.

The yet-untitled short series will be based on Ashlee Vance’s book Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future. Vance will also be among the executive producers of the show alongside Reid Carolin and Peter Kiernan of the Free Association.

The script of the HBO series will be worked by Doug Jung, and according to Variety, the story would revolve around “how Musk handpicks a team of engineers to work on a remote Pacific Island where they build and launch the first SpaceX rocket into orbit. It led to the spur of a new era of privately funded space exploration, culminating in the first manned Space X launch of the Falcon 9 on May 30, 2020.”

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As per reports, Musk himself is not associated with the short series which is yet to release details on its director and cast.

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