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Trailer Review: Parwaaz Hai Junoon Will Win The Audience Over!

And so, one of the most awaited films of this year, finally dropped its trailer and what a winner it turns out to be. From high end production values to amazing execution of stunts and sequences on screen, the trailer for Parwaaz Hai Junoon spells a big hit.

Although we were anticipating a more serious film, focused on the life of air force pilots, it turns out Parwaaz Hai Junoon will be exploring a lot more than just that. Along with life on base and the passion and love for Pakistan these fighter pilots have, Parwaaz Hai Junoon will also be showcasing the personal lives of these pilots, the more human aspect to their personality.

From what little we have seen in the trailer, director Haseeb Hassan has extracted some fine performances from his cast. Hamza Ali Abbasi looks and plays his part really well. Another actor who stands out is Ahad Raza Mir. There are shades to his personality that we’re eager to explore with the film. Hania Aamir is gorgeous and she brings her charm to her character. Kubra Khan and Shaz Khan for now had blink and miss appearance in the trailer but we’re expecting them to have pivotal roles in the film.

For now, we have a trailer that’s a complete winner in terms of entertainment quotient. Combined with the factor of patriotism, an amazing cast, a catching storyline (because we love Pak Airforce) and real good music, it seems Parwaaz Hai Junoon will be giving its fellow Eid releases a run for their money for sure.

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