Here’s the perfect recipe to keep your glow this hot Ramzan!

With the heat wave taking over Karachi, fasting has become a pretty tough task. The skin is left dehydrated  and dull, and to make sure we look flawless on Eid, we must take care of our diet.

DIY beauty masks might work but nothing works better than a healthy diet that includes food and drinks that cleanse and refresh your body.

Here’s a magic drink that will give you the perfect glow despite the heat:

What you’ll need:

Celery – is rich in vitamins and anti aging properties which shield our skin from damage.
Green Apple – has a high quantity of anti-oxidants which protect us from Skin cancer.
Cucumber – is high in water content which hydrates our skin and reduces any inflammation/irritation.
Ginger- not only contributes towards weight loss but also provides an even and bright complexion.
Lemon- great source for Vitamin C which is vital to improve skin quality and promotes hydration.
Turmeric- is known to reduce scarring, detox and calm the skin.

Just blend all these together with some water/ice and there you have it- a delicious green juice packed with all the nutrients for your beauty regime.

Happy fasting everyone!

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