Ostrich frenzy takes over Karachi; Here is why

In such dire economic conditions, who is such a person to donate such exotic bird's meat for charity?

The ostrich craze has taken over Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan,

Many have been left perplexed after seeing viral ostrich posts and memes on social media timelines, unaware of how this ostrich frenzy has taken over.

It all started on the first of Ramadan in Karachi when a charity organization started serving Sehri meals prepared from ostrich meat to the local needy people.

Zafar Abbas, the general secretary of the Jafaria Disaster Management Cell Welfare Foundation (JDC) on his Ostrich meat charity said, “Keeping given this deprivation, (wealthy) people supported us and like the previous year, we offered those dishes which even a middle-class person cannot afford, let alone the poor.”


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♬ original sound – Syed Zafar Abbas Jdc


The situation is keeping the keyboard warriors busy with the meme game on various social media platforms:




Ostrich is deemed exotic by many Pakistanis and finding an expensive item on charity has sparked a debate among citizens.

It is pertinent to mention here that Ostrich aka being seldom eaten in the country is seldom eaten across the country.

The meat is reported to be sold between Rs1,300 and Rs1,500 per kilogramme. While the price of one ostrich is around Rs60,000.

Demand for Ostrich meat started rising in recent years due to zero per cent fat, low cholesterol, richness of iron and protein and good taste. While a certain Islamic religious school of thought consider Ostrich is not halal to be consumed by the Muslims.

In such dire economic conditions, who is such a person to donate such exotic birds?

Here is what a few netizens have to say about the ostrich charity during the holy month of Ramazan:


On the other hand, here is what JDC  general secretary Zafar Abbas has to say about offering ostrich meat for Sehri which the foundation receives in donations.


لوگوں کو اچھا کھانا نا کھلاو ؟ #jdcfoundation #foryoupage #zafarjdc

♬ original sound – Syed Zafar Abbas Jdc


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