Weirdest food types eaten around the world

People have varying appetites and these can include just about anything at all. While one cringes at the thought of frogs, there are regions in the world, which enjoy it as a delicacy. While you might gag and shriek at the sight of a spider, there are people who enjoy eating them fried, sauteed in garlic and salt.

Don’t believe us?

Check out the video below and you’ll be enlightened with five different and weirdest food types in the world, which people actually enjoy as delicacies!

People all over the world enjoy such delicacies and rejoice at the taste. The top five foods include:

  1. Century Old Egg
  2. Jing Leed
  3. Wasp Crackers
  4. Fried Spiders
  5. Frog Legs

Now imagine the taste and cringe!

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