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Coronavirus: Chinese Diplomat Suggests Sindh Government to Extend School Holidays

In the latest week, Pakistan has seen a surge in Coronavirus cases as the country now has 20 confirmed patients of the pandemic. Amid the growing uncertainty, Chinese diplomat Li Bijian, has suggested Sindh government to extend school holidays in Karachi that has 15 out of the total number of patents in the country.

The diplomat also recommended the authorities to call off large public gatherings and events (such as Pakistan Super League) in the city to control any potential large scale damage.

“The local Government of Sindh shall be advised to take more strong preventive measures including calling off big gatherings and extension of the closing of the schools to save more lives,” tweeted Li Bijian.

He added that Pakistan and the Sindh government should learn from the contagion lessons of China that have effectively locked down its cities to control the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Lessons and experiences of #China to prevent and control the #COVID2019 shall be drawn and learned so that to save more lives,” the diplomat in Karachi, tweeted.

Earlier on March 1, the Sindh government had closed down schools for two weeks as the first case of Coronavirus emerged in Karachi.

In the latest development, Education Minister Saeed Ghani had announced that the government intends to reopen schools on March 16, as per the schedule. However, a final decision on the matter has to be made today, with the standing recommendation of the Sindh Health Department to extend the closure.

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