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Sham Idrees & Froggy Car Accident: The duo and friend are doing absolutely fine!

Sham Idrees and Froggy, are our absolute favorite vlog couples. The duo often does funny vlogs acting things out as couples. Sham is also a renowned singer and has been doing stints not only Canada but around the world as well.

This social media sensation is a hit with the youth and all those looking for some really crazy entertainment. Idrees, Shahveer Jaffry and Zaid Ali T also share a strong friendship bond amongst themselves as well.

Early morning today, a media houses’s social media post triggered chaos. It was reported that Sham Idrees, Froggy and their friend Chuchi had been in a serious accident and were in a critical condition.

However, an official update posted on Idrees’s account has confirmed that the three friends were indeed involved in a car accident but incurred minor injuries only.

Media houses need to be aware of the ethics of journalism and refrain from sensationalizing news on account of celebrities that people admire. The gimmick is lowly and feels unethical when lives, reputations and credibility are sacrificed without permission, for the sake if a few likes or engagements only.

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