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TCF Student Anum Fatima Secures Admission at Harvard University!

Anum's story is one of sheer determination and hard work

TCF Student Anum FatimaTCF Student Anum Fatima Secures Admission at Harvard University - OyeYeah News

You can achieve anything in life if you work hard for it. And this rings absolutely true for TCF student Anum Fatima, who has secured herself an admission at The Harvard University.

From the slums of Karachi to one of the Ivy League colleges, Anum Fatima, made sure her determination and hard work paid off really well, making her dream come true.

Anum, who is a TCF student comes from a financially challenged family, her father earns by driving a rickshaw. Anum worked very hard and she was offered a fully funded scholarship for the Summer program at one of the world’s most prestigious university, Harvard.

The only thing you need is determination and hard work to reach your goals. Financial challenges stand no where in the way when you have your mind set to achieving something. And as Anum Fatima believes, “Without hard work, nothing prospers!”

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