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PWFP Exhibition Match

Pakistan seems to be progressing in all aspects, whether its sports, economy, media, cinema, everything seems to be in a good shape. And perhaps this has enabled another initiative to grow in the country.

PWFP (Pro Wrestling Federation Pakistan) the pioneer of wrestling in Pakistan collaborated with one of the local gym for a body building event in Karachi, Nazimabad. In the event PWFP booked two exhibition matches, a Fatal 4 Way Match between the finest wrestler ever known and a singles match.

The Wrestlers of Fatal 4 Way were:

Kion (the Demon) with the demonic body paint, with the “CHEER PHAAR” moveset and his scary looks and the ring presences he is the only DEATH ANGEL  of PWFP.

Panda got some history, he started as a cool wrestler back in January 2018 and the crowd’s favorite got injured in March 2018. His knee injury bound him to his home for 9 months. But the passion of wrestling brought him back for this match. Sooner or Later Panda will return to the ring of PWFP.

Jester was one of the best wrestler in PWFP. The moves set of  Jester was off the roof. The high Flying wrestler is very famous in the ladies because of his looks and style.

Danny is the beast of the company, winning over the best in the company made him the top wrestler in PWFP. The powerhouse Danny is who the people think as their Champion.


Here is the highlight of the Fatal 4 Way Exhibition Match.

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