Apple launch event was not only about IPhone!

Years ago Apple launched Apple watch Series 1, which was the most advanced smartwatch at that time. After that Series 2 and Series 3 was launched and was as same as Series 1, with slightly changed software and upgrades. In 2018, Apple made huge changes in its watch. Which is the best smart watch in the world right now.

After talking about software, Apple launched the best smart watch Apple, ever created. Apple Series 4 smart watch has got every thing that was being awaited by many people. New design and something that wasn’t expected!

Larger screen size and more rounded edges which look more attractive. Apple Series 4 is the most expensive watch but also the most selling one as well, as claimed by Apple. So what are the new features and are they really worth the upgrade?

Apple series 4 comes in two variants 40mm and 44mm sizes and with or without LTE. Key feature are: Health features only seen on the Apple watch, quite niche, but useful digital crown haptic feedback is the ace.

So, the main feature of Apple Series 4 is that, it features Electro-Cardiogram (ECG). This is the first time that a smart watch is capable of doing ECG. This spits out a set of data from ECG to your health App on the IPhone, which can be exported as a PDF and give information on rhythm to the physician, plus you are able to write notes to contextualize what was happening at the same time.

So, does it worth an upgrade?


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