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Mehwish Hayat slams Adil Raja on character assassination

Mehwish Hayat slams Adil Raja on character assassination!

Visibly irked Mehwish Hayat took to social media to give a shut-up call to Youtuber Major (rtd) Adil Raja and others for dragging her name into a malicious scandal.

In a statement, Mehwish Hayat said, “Sasti shohrat haasil karne k liye kuch logue insaaniat k darjay se bhi girjatay hain . Hope you’re enjoying your two mins of fame. Just because I am an actress doesn’t mean my name can be dragged through the mud.”

“Shame on you for spreading baseless allegations and insinuations about someone you know nothing about & even bigger shame on people who believe this bullshit. This just shows the sickness of our society that laps up this gutter journalism without any thought. But this stops & it stops now! I won’t allow anyone to defame my name,” she added.

Prior to her, Sajal Aly and Kubra Khan also slammed the controversial self-claimed analyst Adil Raja.

Adil Raja, who is known for lying and spreading fake news through his vlogs, started a character assassination campaign against Pakistan’s top actresses and models.

He made an outrageous claim that Pakistan’s models and actresses have been used by the country’s intelligence agencies as bait to record scandalous videos of politicians.

Adil Raja who claims to be a retired major did not name any artists but he used their initials as MK, MH, KK, and SA.

However, following Adil Raja’s vlog, his supporters started sharing pictures of Mehwish Hayat, Mahira Khan, Sajal Ali, and Kubra Khan on social media timelines.

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