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Sarwat Gilani is outraged on Joyland’s censor certificate being revoked

“A paid smear campaign has been doing the rounds against the film," Sarwat Gilani

Sarwat Gilani is outraged on Joyland’s censor certificate being revoked!

Actor Sarwat Gilani, who is one of the main stars of the film Joyland, took to social media to share her concerns following the development.

The actress labelled the decision a result of a paid smear campaign.

“There’s a paid smear campaign doing rounds against #Joyland, a film that made history for Pakistani cinema, got passed by all censor boards but now authorities are caving into pressure from some malicious people who have not even seen the film,” The Churails star tweet.

In a series of tweets, she went on to add, “Shameful that a Pakistani film made by 200 Pakistanis over 6 years that got standing ovations from Toronto to Cairo to Cannes is being hindered in its own country. Don’t take away this moment of pride and joy from our people!”

“No one’s forcing anyone to watch it! So don’t force anyone to not watch it either! Pakistani viewers are smart enough to know what they want to watch or not. Let Pakistanis decide! Don’t insult their intelligence and our hard work!” Sarwat said, adding a reverence from Quran in next tweet.


Saim Sadiq’s ‘Joyland’ is Pakistan’s entry for the 95th Academy Awards.

Just a week ahead of its release in the country, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has canceled Joyland’s exhibition license which was issued months ago.




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