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Aana Episode 29 Review: Nashwa attempts to kill Aania and Areesh using her sources

Drama serial Aana is an exquisite love story shot in the beautiful Northern Areas of Pakistan has become our favourite Prime Time Watch and now it seems like it is gradually moving towards its climax. Hania Amer, Shehzad Shaikh have given their best performances but what has made us fall in love is Izzah and Altamash’s perfect onscreen chemistry in this play.

The episode begins with Daneen sneaking out of the hospital and goes to her father’s place. Areesh is mad at her sudden disappearance, he is blaming his father, and for the very first time, he says that he hates his father!

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Ghazanfar is now tasting his own medicine, he for the very first time realizes that his own children are getting out of his hands, his wife who seems to be the only sane person in the house tells him that he should apologize to her mother for his conduct but then he receives a  call and gets to know that his mother is dead!


Altamash knows that Daneen’s disappearance was his own planning, no one is behind her and she wasn’t kidnapped. Altamash has started admiring Daneen and realizes the fact that he always had a wrong perception about her. He calls her and she seeks help from him for getting her passport made, as she wants to leave the country, and he agrees to help her.


Altamash tries to convince Izzah but she seems to be not ready to listen to him, she asks him if it is true that he is a murderer, to which Altamash replies that yes he is the one, upon which Izzah does not want to listen to him anymore.

Altamash is heartbroken by learning that Izzah does not trust her. Later Izzah learns from Daneen that he has killed his manager because he attempted to rape Aania and also used to sexually abuse her, his wife has pardoned him and now Altamash is taking care of manager’s widow. Izzah feels very embarrassed to learn this and she tries to talk with Altamash but then he refuses to talk with him as for him trust is most important thing in any relation.


Well, it seems like Nashwa’s character portrayal is a bit overly done, she plans her brother’s murder and  including his wife so that she could get a full share of property!

How mean and selfish of her, but how come a girl who is raised in such a conservative family turns out to be such vamp as she actually has sources to arrange to kill anyone.

Areesh happens to be in a very critical stage and Aania is also in operation theater. It seems like Altmash is closely observing Nashwa and it looks like that he has sense something fishy at her side.

Let’s wait to see how events unfold in next episode.

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