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Anaa Episode 21 Review : Daneen elopes with Areesh

The grudges between the families hae taken an ugly turn


So finally, we see Areesh trying his best to help Daneen? But wait, while helping Daneen, he has totally forgotten his own wife and ran away with Daneen, leaving her amidst controversies and a family that doesn’t sympathize with her anymore. This Areesh and his yo-yo feelings for Daneen and Ania truly justify his character, a person who doesn’t really know what he wants and is highly influenced by those around him. Shehzad Sheikh has definitely portrayed Areesh amazingly and Hania Aamir takes all the marks for Daneen, her rebellious nature, her spark, even though you know she’s wrong, one really cannot hate Daneen, because Hania makes her so likeable. 

The episode begins when the grudges between the two families take an even ugly turn. Nazia deliberately uploads a blog about Ania’s past and how she was subjected to child abuse by her own servant along with Nashwa’s pictures. It is so low of her to cash on Ania’s past and Ghazanfar too is equally ugly in confronting her. He has done his best to damage her family and he makes Nazia realize that her brother is not financially sound enough to compete with them.  Nashwa, too, ugly like her father,  starts taunting Ania.


Areesh is angry with Ania on hiding her past from him. He leaves her and goes at Saif’s place to take Daneen away. Saif and his mother are shocked to see Areesh’s boldness. Saif calls his father and snubs him and later he throws him out of his house but in all this Daneen has got the idea that Areesh has arrived so she secretly and successfully elopes with Areesh in his jeep. Areesh takes her to a house that he  bought for her when they got  engaged. Daneen promises him that she’ll now stay by his side but what about the fact that both of them are currently married.


Izza on the other hand is avoiding Altamash, just because she is so ashamed of what her mother has done with Ania and she feels like she has no courage to face Altamash. Altamash specially visits Izza to know that why she is avoiding her, Izza is too embarrassed to share with him the truth so Altamash makes an assumption that she is avoiding her because she got engaged with Kabeer and he tells her that its completely okay with him and she does not have to avoid her for no matter what happen.


Areesh and Daneen are living in the house and making promises to each other. On the other hand Ghanzanfar is looking for Areesh like a mad man. Ania amidst of all this, despite of knowing that Areesh is angry with her, tries to help him by sending him an SMS saying that to turn off his location. Well Areesh is stupid enough to leave his location turned on now will Ghanzanfar be able to find about Areesh’s whereabouts?

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