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Anaa Episode 22 Review: Aania is helping Areesh and Daneen

Altamash brings Aania back to his home


Anaa has become an interesting watch. Even though the drama doesn’t offer a message, what it does gives its audience is entertainment and a good watch. Hania Aamir, Shehzad Sheikh, Naimal Khawar and Usman Mukhtar continue to pull the audience towards Anaa, making them wait for the episodes week after week.

So what happened this week? Lets read what went down in this week’s episode of Anaa.

The episode begins with Areesh and Daneen secretly living in an apartment and planning about their fture. They are running short of food and necessary items but Areesh is conscious that going on shops might get him in some trouble, so he refrain.

On the other hand, what we see is Aania helping Areesh and Daneen out. She texts Areesh and asks him what things he need and moreover she hides his passport despite of knowing the fact that Areesh was angry with her.


Well the play is incomplete without Altamash and Izza’s story and so, this is what went on.

After assuming that Izza got engaged with Kabir, Altmash is back to his old self, social and flirtatious. He takes his old girlfriend on coffee and there coincidentally Izza also comes with her cousin Kabir and finds him sitting with his ex girlfriend. Izza is disturbed and Kabir creates a scene. Altamash intervenes. On his way unintentionally Altmash admits to his girlfriend that Kabir may not be his best competitor but he got the girl.


Aania is such a gem that she is even helping Areesh and Daneen in leaving the country. Well but Altamash gets to know about all this and he is really very angry. Although Ghazanfar tries to blackmail him in his own style about Altmash killing the servant who abused Aania but it has not affected Altamash at all and he is mad at Areesh leaving and asks Aania to pack her stuff and come with him. She reluctantly does that but we will see that afterwards she is happy and Altamash has guessed that she is too involved in the matter and she knows about Areesh too.


Daneen on the other hand is too appreciating Aania’s kindness and asks the reason why Areesh is angry with her as she is his wife and also expecting his baby. Areesh tells her the reason that she has hidden her past from him on which Daneen gets upset. She says she has done that because she might be afraid that he would have rejected her.

Well to be honest the character of Areesh seems like a mean and selfish person who only thinks about his own feelings and despite of the fact that he is angry with Aania he is taking help from her. He’s indecisive and spineless, a weak character. However, portrayed brilliantly by Shehzad Sheikh. Anaa has kept us entertained for some good time now and we’re still looking forward to find out how things will go for all in this multi-faceted drama.


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