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Anaa Episode 25 Review: Daneen gets caught by Ghazanfar

Although this one has been a simple watch, Anaa, seems to be slowing down its pace. We are waiting for a significant move and some deciding action by Areesh. In its 25th episode now, Anaa, now shows Daneen getting caught by Ghazanfar.

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The episode begins when Izza’s father is scolding her really hard on Kabeer’s feeding. Izza is really upset and she knows that her father is doing that because Kabeer has said something really bad about her to her father. For Izza Kabir’s image has been shattered and now she does not think high of him. Cutting him off, she rudely tells him that she does not owe any explanation to him as for her he is just her cousin and nothing else.


Daneen on the other hand is getting extremely jealous to see Areesh having feelings for Aania, she has seen him reading the baby book. Aania visits Dadi as she is leaving for America and there she has little talk with Nashwa. Well it is now making us all bit suspicious that is really Aania too plotting against Daneen? Daneen changes her plan for leaving the country and has other plans now.


Well it also seems that Aania is too getting jealous as she gets mad when she hears about Daneen’s plan. When Altamash calls for the lawyer right on that time Aania says that she has doctor’s appointment and Daneen offers to accompany her.

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It is Daneen’s badluck that Ghazanfar’s guard sees her, she gets caught and one is left wondering if it was Aania all the way plotting against Daneen.


Well we aren’t any time getting over with Altamash and Izza’s scenes and we simply love to see them together Their phone call scene was simply very adorable, and then that restaurant scene where Altamash is throwing cheesy liners on Izza was one of mt favorite scene of the play.

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