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Baddua Episode-17 Review: Abeer is not at all redeemable!

Abeer creates a huge drama to kill herself along with her baby to gain Junaid's attention.

Baddua Episode-17 ReviewBaddua Episode-17 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Baddua the ARY Digital drama serial is one engaging story. Amar Khan, Muneeb Butt, Maryam, and Affan have given their best performances. In the previous episode, Affan has shown Junaid all the evidence and proofs of Abeer and Mohsin’s relationship, the reality of Abeer is revealed to Junaid and he is not ready to forgive her. In this episode Abeer is proving herself that she deserves no good, she is not at all redeemable.

Abeer is expecting that is why Junaid has not thrown her out of his house nor he can divorce her. Abeer when she hears about her pregnancy news, instead of feeling happiness, she is thankful that she gets time to think about how she can ruin Neelum. She is not thinking to change herself nor she has ever tried to learn from her past mistakes all she wants is to demean Neelum.

Junaid’s reaction is justified. He is going according to his character. He cannot stand Abeer. Neelum on the other hand is extremely disappointed by Affan. Despite Affan’s apology, she has made up her mind to leave him. Neelum is about to leave when Affan says that he will die in guilt if she leaves, she decides to stay.

Abeer is staying in a separate room as Junaid cannot bear her in his room. In the other room too, she is thinking about how can she will teach Neelum a lesson. She has not taken any lesson from her past mistakes, she very comfortably talks with Umair on the call and have a smooth conversation, little she knows that what Umair is cooking for her. Umair has some sinister plans going in his head. Abeer’s sister Falak gets engaged, well i don’t know how this track is relevant to the story. Abeer seems more than happy on hearing about her sister’s engagement, in this scene she feels going a bit out of her character.

Neelum and Affan are very happy in their life. Abeer is so vile that she calls Neelum from another number to disturb her. Affan tells Neelum not to pick calls from unknown numbers. Abeer is not at all redeemable because she is not being positive with her in-laws too. Nazish bhabi is being so nice to her but she cannot stand her happiness. Abeer is an extremely envious person who cannot see others being happy. Abeer creates a huge drama to kill herself along with her baby to gain Junaid’s attention.

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