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Balaa Episode 15 and 16 Review : Nigar is showing her true colors

Double episodes of incredibly engaging drama serial Balaa went on air this Monday.It is an interesting watch with some real brilliant and memorable performances, be it Samina Peerzada whose role as a helpless mother melts our hearts,or be it Bilal Abbass who as caring and loving Taimur makes us fall in love with him or Ushna Shah as vile Nigar whose ugly self makes us hate her thoroughly. In short it is brilliantly written script by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and well directed by Badar Mehmood.

Despite of all brainwashing, Taimur’s heart still beats for his mother and sisters. He scolds Batool badly but he feels bad right after that. However, Nigar feeds him that he is an elder brother and that he has rightly scolded her. Taimur takes the first step, he himself goes to Batool’s room and excuses for his behavior, he tells her that he was extremely tensed and panicked when she was not receiving the call and it was getting dark.He further said that it is not like he has no trust in her, he said that he fully trust her but he does not trust the world outside.His excuse has actually made Batool more miserable as she is feeling extremely guilty for deceiving her own brother for a boy!

Well Taimur going to Batool literally burned Nigar! Batool has made up her mind that she will not go out with that Dr, she blocks his number and gives him the last chance either to send his mother home for proposal because honor is more important for her.


Well Batool shares with Saleha Api about her affair with the Doctor and also that her mother is not agreeing for this marriage and unfortunately Nigar eavesdrops all their conversation and she is extremely happy to get her weakness. Well I wonder why Nigaar is always so fortunate that she always coincidentally gets someone’s weakness which she can use for her own manipulation. She accidentally saw Saba with her lover in that mall which has changed her life and now she has got Batool’s greatest weakness which she can manipulate to any extent leading to deadliest consequences.


Nigaar is now showing her true colors, she wants total control of the house in her own hands. She is trying her best to manipulate her mother in law. She literally burns when Taimoor gives her the expenditure money to give them to his mother and he also give her his sister’s pocket money. She tries her best that her mother in law gives her the responsibility of house but luckily she is not that naive she takes money from her but Nigar shows her vile nature as she steals some money out of it. She even visits that Dr with her mother in law and tells him secretly that she knows about their affair and that she should bring her mother to his house. Dr shares about that conservation with Batool which has scared the hell out of her.


Nigar has now made a huge drama out of that stolen money situation and leaves the house with her father but she is extremely mad on the fact that Taimur has not pleaded her not to go or called her or excused. To know more, tune in to Balaa next week because the drama still has a lot more to offer.

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