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Bandhay Ek Dour Se Episode-23 Review: Poor Maheen is bearing all the blame

GEO Entertainment’s Bandhay Ek Dour Se is a light heart romantic serial, which is slow-paced but carrying so many messages within. The story has not progressed much in this episode except that poor Maheen is bearing all the blame for leaving Omar and on top of that, the rest of the fuss is created by Roshini’s mother. Ahsan Khan and Ushna Shah’s performances are simply brilliant.

Roshini’s mother meets Maheen’s mother and tells her what Roshini used to feed her mother’s mind against Omar and his family that they are treating Maheen very badly. Maheen’s mother gets very disturbed to hear this. She calls Omar’s mother and snubs her badly for treating Maheen like that. Omar’s mother is shocked to hear that Maheen has said such things against them? Omar’s Dadi and her mother both are very hurt and shocked that Maheen can do such a thing.

Omar comes to take Maheen back on her father’s orders. The scene between Maheen and Omar has much more chemistry than Omar and Roshini although Maheen and Omar have no romantic connection yet. It seems that Omar has a soft corner for Maheen as well and it is somehow disturbing him that Maheen has left him like that. He is asking her over and over that “do you hate me that much?” What does it means?

Maheen’s mother scolds Omar for badly treating Maheen and also for his family’s behavior towards Maheen and also that he does not give her any pocket money blah blah. Omar is shocked that Maheen has actually said these things to her mother? He is very angry where as Maheen is so embarrassed to hear this, she tells her mother that Omar and his family has done nothing bad to her, she has left Omar because she simply does not want to live with him Well it seems that Maheen’s brother has realized that there is something wrong.

When Omar’s parents asks him about Maheen, he clearly tells them that she do not want to come, he also tells his parents that what his Chachi has said to him. Omar’s parents get worried but then Omar gives them suggestion that he is agreed for his second marriage on which his parents gets furious. They take it as a bad joke at a wrong timing. When Omar shares about it with that vile Roshini she tells him that it is not the right time to talk about their marriage he has to wait for the right time when things gets clear when he divorces Maheen. Omar gets shock and bit disturb to hear the word divorce from Roshini’s mouth but he shows no reaction.

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