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Bandish 2 Episode-19 Review: Necromancer seeds doubt in Sameer’s mind against his mother

Sameer and Waniya starts believing that Humaira has done black magic on them

Bandish 2 the ARY Digital drama serial is down with 19 Episodes, it is still lacking the spooky elements, being a horror show the story is more like a family drama. Performances are all good. In the previous episodes, we have seen that Sameer and Waniya end up visiting the same necromancer in the guise of a spiritual baba. In this episode it is shown that the necromancer is misguiding Sameer and Wania, he has sown a seed of doubt in Sameer’s mind against his mother.

Rabail is getting better, well it seems too much of a stretch to get her admitted to the hospital just having low BP. Hisaam visited her in the hospital, he seemed too ashamed of his behavior and he tried to make amends by reconciling with her. Rabail goes with him against her mother’s wishes. Rabail seeing that medicine strip and questioning harshly her sister-in-law is an additional scene not required.

Minahil and her relationship with Ahmer have been affected because of Armaan. Ahmer may sound a bit conservative and possessive but he is right why Armaan is trying to be too close to Minahil. Armaan certainly has an agenda and he wants to marry Minahil and Ahmer knows this fact. Ahmer’s possessiveness is justified but Mihnahil is being too rude to him, Ahmer is heartbroken by Minahil’s attitude he has also apologized to Minahil for his behavior but still she is angry.

Farhana Chachi is busy with her black magic practices, she is getting stronger and stronger. Farhana has achieved some strengths and he is also controlling a deity. She is busy in her black magic practices when Armaan enters the house and he gets shocked. His conscience is not dead like his mother’s he snubs her mother for carrying sinful devilish practices but Farhana succeeds in convincing him to have him on her side.

Hoorain gulps Humaira’s medicines so she is taken to the hospital for a stomach wash. Well to be honest it is Humaira’s mistake to put medicines out there at her reach. Sameer and Waniya are not talking properly with Humaira. Moreover, Sameer and Waniya visits the necromancer who further misguides them, he has sown a seed of doubt in Sameer and Waniya’s mind that Humaira is behind all this. He says that it is she who is doing the black magic on them. Sameer and Waniya are in a state of shock. While Sameer is in a state of denial that her mother cannot do such a thing, but the sorcerer very artfully seeds the doubt in Sameer’s mind.

Interesting buildup but we need more spooky scenes as it’s a horror show!

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