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Bandish Episodes 23 & 24 Review: Sania finds her escape

Finally it seems Bandish is following its closure. The drama that depicted height of atrocities that could be conducted towards an individual using black magic, is finally moving towards its end. And perhaps, just perhaps, we might see good prevailing over evil in the end. However, as unpredictable as Bandish has been, one can really not judge what the end would be.

The episodes begins when Sania is at Sumbul’s den and Sumbul asks Madeeha to do her given task. She wants her to place a spelled puppet in a shrine and she promises that if Madeeha will complete the task Sumbul will free Sania. Madeeha does not want to be a part of such heinous sin neither she wants Sania to die in Sumbul’s den. The only chance to save Sania is that she tells everthing to Junaid. She goes to Junaid’s office and tries to tell him everything about Sumbul but Junaid is not ready to listen or believe her. Madeeha is in absolute state of helplessness, she cannot let Sania die in Sumbul’s prison.


Madeeha agrees to do that given task and for that she makes sure that Sumbul will release Sania after completing that task. Then it is shown that Madeeha is fighting an inner turmoil when she is on her way to the shrine. Thankfully she finds reprieve in Hamza who asks her to accompany him to his murshid.


Murshid Sahab appreciates Madeeha for having a firm faith in Allah and suggests her to recite a wazifa for Sania’s safety and further tells her that no devilish powers can enter in his Astana so she should stay her in ladies chamber. Madeeha does what she is instructed and Sumbul cannot trace her. Moreover she mistakenly leaves the door ajar and goes out to help the police officer’s son and Sania takes advantage of this situation and runs away from the place.


Hania is also realizing that she has done a huge mistake of leaving her mother alone, she has realized that her step mother is very cunning and does not like them. Finally, Hania takes Aleena with her and goes back to her mom.

Now it seems, once Sania is back with her mother, she will definitely reveal Sumbul’s reality and help will come with Hamza’s murshid for all.

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