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Berukhi Episode-13 Review: Agha Jaan meets Sabeen

Berukhi the drama serial airing at Ary Digital is quite a tedious play with loopholes in the story but still is entertaining. Performances are on point. In the previous episode, we have seen that Irtiza has come to know that Sabeen is not the girl Iyya Jaan has chosen for him and Agha Jaan gets to know about Sabeen, he wants to meet Sabeen. In this episode, Agha Jaan finally has met Sabeen.

Qasim is once again going to Sabeen’s university and there she sees him and gets angry at him but then he introduces her to Agha Jaan. Agha Jaan meets Sabeen and they both really liked each other. Sabeen tells him that she is the niece of Mansoor Ahmed and there she comes to know that Irtiza is getting married to her cousin Maira.

Irtiza’s new house help who is an agent of Ata Baksh is being really clever, she is now posing to be Iyya Jaan’s agent too. She tells Iyya Jaan about Sabeen and also that she lives in Mansoor Ahmed’s house. Later she adds doubt in Iyya Jaan’s mind by telling her that she thinks that Irtiza is might interested in Sabeen as the way he has taken her name and then anxiously inquiring about the girl’s name clearing indicates that Irtiza is in love. Iyya Jaan is really worried now.

Iyya Jaan asks Qasim about Sabeen and also whether Irtiza likes her or not. Qasim cannot deny the fact but he is curious that who is the one who is giving Iyya Jaan all the information and he has guessed it right it is the maid who is doing that, Qasim tries to confront her. When Qasim asks her about the day when Irtiza got injured she starts doing the drama of crying, Qasim has left with no choice but to leave the place, the girl is too clever.

Sabeen get all dolled up for her Mayoon. Maira is unexpectedly being nice and sweet to her. Sabeen attends a call from the orphanage manager where she is told that a girl from the orphanage gets injured and she is in a critical state is calling Sabeen’s name. Sabeen gets restless but her chacha suggests that they can visit the hospital. Sabeen leaves her Mayon function in the middle and goes to the hospital. Kamran arrives at the function and when he gets to know about Sabeen he gets mad. Sabeen meets Irtiza too in the hospital who is consoling her and at that moment Kamaran catches both of them together and he is trying to defame Sabeen.

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