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Berukhi Last Episode Review: Irtiza and Sabeen lives happily ever after

Agha Jaan divorces Iyya Jaan!

Berukhi Last Episode ReviewBerukhi Last Episode Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Berukhi the drama serial airing at ARY Digital finally comes to an end. Poetic Justice has been served. The good ones are rewarded and the bad ones are all punished. In the previous episode, we have seen divine justice at work, Maria is killed accidentally by Kamaran. In the last episode, Agha Jaan divorces Iyya Jaan and Irtiza and Sabeen live happily ever after with their baby boy.

Iyya Jaan is not slowing down, she does not spare Sabeen for a moment insults her badly all the time but Sabeen does not stay silent and answers back! Irtiza too confronts Iyya Jaan asking her why she has lived with him all the time and why she hates him so much? Iyya Jaan loses her cool and she starts spitting her venom on Irtiza saying that she hates him and his late mother to bits.

Agha Jaan divorces Iyya Jaan on the spot telling her that he gets to know through Bowa jee that she tried to poison Sabeen so they cannot have any child. Iyya Jaan is shocked that Agha Jaan has divorced her all her pride and arrogance are drained out. Iyya Jaan gets punished for her wrong deeds. Even after months, she tried to call Irtiza but he is not ready to forgive her. It would have been great if Irtiza would have forgiven her.

Nabeel and Sana eventually got married. Nabeel has told his Chacha Jaan that he cannot take his money nor he can live with him in his house as he wants to do something on his own and wants to be a self-made person but he also ensures his chacha that he will always make Sana happy. One feels too bad for that poor Qasim Agha why it is shown that he had fallen for Sana? Why Sana is being too close to a caretaker all this is weak writing.

Atta Baksh and that annoying maid have eventually been punished by Qasim Agha. Then there is a lapse of one year shown after showing what Sabeen is expecting.

The story moves ahead one-year showing, Sabeen has given birth to a baby boy,  giving the Agha family an heir. Sabeen and Irtiza are living happily ever after and it is also shown that Iyya Jaan is now desperate to see the baby she is sorry but Irtiza is not going to forgive her.

Overall a decent ending but there are bits of weaknesses at places at performances and at writing. Hiba Bukhari is looking super gorgeous and her chemistry with Junaid khan is super lit.

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