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Bikhray Moti Episode 12 Review: Aiza is taking a stand for Shehzaadi

Bikhray Moti the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is very artfully raising the children’s rights issues and also about child abuse. It is shown that without proper parental supervision, this world is so dangerous for motherless and helpless children like Janu. The child star who plays the role of Janu is doing a brilliant job. Neelum Muneer is also brilliantly playing her inspirational role as a strong-headed woman who is struggling and fighting for her children’s rights.

Aiza along with Shehzaadi goes to the house where she works so that she can tell them that Shehzaadi will no longer be working for them. Aiza is shocked to see that it was his class fellow’s house. He gets so embarrassed to see Aiza and he is a bit shocked when she says that Shehzaadi is her daughter, he knows that it is not correct. He assures her that he does not want any money from them. Aiza tells him that he should not talk about children’s rights.

Well Aiza has saved Shezaadi from work and she wants her to resume her studies but her cruel Dadi which is so brilliantly played by Samina Ahmed snatches her book and burns it. Dadi is also stuck because she has lost her money which she has taken for Shehzaadi’s marriage. It is Janu’s cunning Chachi who has stolen money from her, Dadi tries to blame Aiza but surprisingly Zulfi is also taking Aiza’s side.

Janu’s helplessness is so heart wrenching, it is so disturbing to see that without parental supervision this world is so ugly and dangerous for poor children. Janu when escapes the trap of that child abuser, he falls into another trap the transgender wants him to join his community and insisting him to stay with him but Janu escapes from there as well but then poor boy once again gets trapped into that child abuser who tries to threaten him that he is not going to say any word against him to his uncle otherwise he will kill him.

Well,  poor Janu is fearing that her Chacha will beat the hell out of him, agrees to say what that abuser tells him to say and when that abuser points a knife at him and tells him never to disobey him poor Janu has no choice but to agree. Janu’s Taya beats the hell out of that poor boy. On the other hand, Dadi is ready to marry off Shehzaadi with that aged man as now she has lost the money too. Aiza once again takes a stand for Shehzaadi but will she able to save her this time?

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