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Cheekh Episode 2 Review: Police confirms attempted rape with Nayab

Second episode of drama serial Cheekh on aired and the play has taken a dramatic turn when Police confirms that someone had attempted to rape Nayab.

The first episode ended on a horrific note when Nayab all of a sudden fell from the roof in the middle of the function. Nayab was bit down about her father’s job loss and she quietly sneaked out of the party when all family members were busy in dancing and enjoying the event. Apparently her fall is making an impression that she has committed suicide. Mannat felt the same that Nayab tried to take her own life as she was depressed over the unmatched proposal her father had suggested her. Mannat and Wajih are now besides Nayab in the hospital who is in a critical condition.


Things gets clearer when doctors tell them that it is a police case and they have called police for Investigation. The police inspector played by Nayyer Ejaz seems a reasonable and intelligent police officer as he very respectfully and wisely starts his investigation procedure. As viewers for us there seem to be three persons equally suspicious for this incident and it is a mystery that what was the actual reason behind Nayab’s accident. The first person is Wajih’s drunk friend who at the same time entered the house. The second person is that nervous driver who has been acting  weird after the incident that even his co workers have noticed his nervousness. Remember he is the same driver who in one of the previous functions has shown great interest in Nayab and said that if Wajih will not marry her, he will marry her!


Well apparently the third person is initially the least suspicious person here. Yes he is Baray Bhaiya! He too leaves the party in the middle and enters the house soon after Nayab sneaks out of the party! Secondly the way he is making sure to cleans up the whole crime scene place is again making us all think that maybe he is the one behind all this, moreover his behavior when the police inspector visits their house and his hiding the broken bangles is confirming all our suspicions.


Nayab’s mother is another vile character who is so greedy that she is trying to cash this situation too by putting the whole blame on Mannat and Hayah! However she is just making things and herself more uglier as her tactic is not going to work here. Just then Police calls Nayab’s father and in presence of everyone Police Inspector confirms that Poor Nayab was subjected to an attempted rape and it is not like that she has attempted suicide.

Saba Qamar as Mannat has given an incredible performance as a sincere and worried friend. We’re liking Bilal Abbas and Aijaz Aslam in this one as well. The plot is very artfully penned down by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and well directed by Badar Mehmood and for now, the drama has definitely gotten our attention.

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